At Pastel Pooch, we offer a stunning range of pastel colour dog coats that bring a state of zen to your dog drying routine.

Our drying coat goes beyond luxury and provide a practical way of pampering your pooch. Whether it’s your damp home furniture, wet car seats or a multitude of soggy towels, a Pastel Pooch drying coat is your answer to saving time and trouble after taking your dog for a swim, showering them, or after a wet walk.

The first layer draws moisture away from your dog’s fur, this is then drawn through to the second layer, the moisture then evaporates from the outer layer whilst your pooch remains cosy and dry.

We’ve chosen the highest-quality material and premium Velcro to keep the two layers of incredibly soft and durable material securely wrapped around your pooch for years to come! The adjustable Velcro belly strap and stretch elastic legs make getting your dog inside our drying robe effortless. The design covers from the base of your dog’s tail and right around the neck, which you can extend further to give your dog a cute pastel hood for more comfort and warmth.

During warm summer months, you can even dunk your drying coat in cold water and put it on your dog to keep them feeling refreshed and make sure you’ve got a drying robe that gets tails wagging all year round!

More than just keeping your dog dry and saving you time cleaning up, at Pastel Pooch, we want our dog drying coats to feel like one big loving embrace for your dog every time they put them on. You will notice how anxiety melts away from your dog as they feel calm and secure inside the nurturing double-layered design that mimics a warm hug. Our coats also tend to water-loving dogs who suffer from joint pain. Joint pain and inflammation will diminish as the double thickness towelling avoids the wet and cold conditions that lead to soreness and quickly gets your dog warm and dry.


Elevate your pup's style with our drying robes featuring six adorable embroidery designs.

Choose the perfect match for your pooch's personality, adding a personalised touch to their bath routine.


A combination of stunning pastel colouring and premium functionality turns wet walks into your favourite day of the week. Our double-layered dog drying towel coat effortlessly makes wet dog fur dry again. Perfect for after bath time, swimming, hydrotherapy or wet walks.


Your dog will dry off quickly in luxurious comfort as two durable and soft layers pamper your pooch without causing any coat irritation. The comfortable wrap design of this coat will help your dog feel secure, reducing symptoms of anxiety and keeping your pooch calm.


You can also soak your drying coat in cold water and put it on your dog to keep them cool during humid summer days.

As our coats are made from microfibre they can hold 7x their own weight in water. Simply soak the coat in cold water, wring out the excess and pop onto your dog. The cold water will evaporate, drawing the heat away from your dogs body and reducing their body temperature.

Depending how much you saturate the coat, they can stay cool for up to 3 hours. To ensure the optimal cooling effect, we recommend adjusting the amount of water you saturate the coat with based on your dog's needs and the prevailing temperature. This flexibility allows you to tailor the cooling experience to suit your dog's comfort requirements precisely.


No matter if your dog is chubby or trim, adjustable velcro stomach straps and comfortable stretch elastic leg straps give our dog drying coat a personalised fit to suit your pet!


Our dog drying towel comes in a unique range of stunning pastel colours that complement your dog’s coat. You can even use the cosy turtleneck design as an adorable pastel hood!


Do you have an anxious dog, a dog with joint pain, or a dog who struggles to stay cool on warm days? Our dog coat is your answer for all three. The soft, nurturing wrap design provides your pooch relief from anxiety. The rapid absorption qualities help prevent wet and cold conditions that aggravate joint pain. The double layer design will keep your dog’s joints warm alleviating pain and inflammation. You can also soak your drying coat in cold water and put it on your dog to keep them cool during humid summer days.