Why choose a Pastel Pooch drying coat?

✓ We are a team of UK dog owners passionate about pet and owner satisfaction

✓ We believe in using only high-quality, safe material for our drying coats

Five Star Trustpilot Reviews

✓ We put your dog’s comfort above everything else

✓ The most stylish and comfortable drying coats around

✓ Our coats can be personalised, choose from 6 design options


Find out more about how Pastel Pooch Boutique started, the team and the pooches behind the brand.

  • At Pastel Pooch, we create dog drying coats with a unique range of colours that compliment your dog’s coat colour and make your dog look even more photogenic than usual! We have chosen the highest quality, most luxury material to ensure maximum comfort for your pooch.

  • Our secure Velcro and elastic fit create the perfect environment for rapid dog drying! You’ll even be able to pull the turtleneck over your dog’s head, creating a cute hood that keeps your dog snug and dry.

  • Don’t you just love the feeling of putting on a soft, cosy robe after a relaxing shower? Now imagine how your dog feels putting on a luxuriously soft double-layer dog towel robe after swimming in a freezing lake - pet paradise!