My journey to starting my own business began after completing my undergraduate and master's degree in forensic and criminal psychology. Despite my qualifications, I struggled to find a job that aligned with the hours I desired.

As fate would have it, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and I took up a cleaning job. Unfortunately, the experience was disheartening as I faced mistreatment from both the staff and some clients.

During this challenging time, my beloved dog, Billy, was also facing health issues, making it even harder for me to leave him every day. Determined to create a better future for both of us, I made the bold decision to leave that job behind and search for remote work opportunities. It was during this exploration that a brilliant idea struck me – why not build my own business, one that revolved around my greatest passion and source of joy – my dogs?

Paddington and Hovis, my two other dogs, are avid swimmers, but their wet adventures often resulted in messy splash marks all over my home and car. I was aware of drying coats available in the market but wondered if I could create an improved version of my own. And so, the idea for my business was born. I set out on a relentless journey of testing various materials, measuring dogs of all shapes and sizes, and developing countless prototypes.
What truly sealed the deal was when Billy, fell asleep and chose to lie on one of the samples I had created. His approval became my ultimate validation – it had to be perfect!

Now, I am expanding my product line and continually innovating, with the invaluable assistance of Billy, Paddington, and Hovis as my enthusiastic product testers. It's a journey fuelled by love, dedication, and the desire to create products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners alike.

  • Billy

    Billy is our 13 year old labrador cross golden retriever. I have had him since I was 13 years old! He is my rock and my best friend. Also the most beautiful model ever (though I may be slightly biased).

  • Paddington

    Paddington is our 5 year old cockapoo. He loves swimming and any water related activities! He is a little diva but loves to strike a pose!

  • Hovis

    Hovis is our 2 year old golden retriever. We rescued him from Many Tears dog rescue in July 2022. He is also very much water orientated and loves swimming! As crazy as a box of frogs but the most loveable guy you'll meet!